Thursday April 05, 2018

(Power Point Presentation)  click on link: Project Kickoff Meeting

Project Kickoff Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10am in the clubhouse ballroom.  Committee members attending were: Bill Shepherd, Joe Obermeyer (Board Liaison), Toni Michel, Karin Petit, Karen Vavra, Rich Genders, John Zablackas (in place of John Brownell who could not attend) and Ralph Thompson (in place of Webb Owen, who also could not attend).  Approximately 80 members of the community showed up and remained for the entire presentation.


Kickoff Presentation

Bill Shepherd gave a PowerPoint presentation, describing the mission, organization, analytical methodology, deliverables, timeline and communications strategy for the project.  The presentation itself was well received. 

Howie Altman suggested that we try to identify how much people would be willing to pay before getting too deeply into developing designs so we don’t waste time on options the community would be unwilling to support.   Craig Lewis said that if we raise HOA dues too much, that could have a negative impact on property values, which as a realtor he has seen in other communities.

Other members of the community asked if we were modifying the designs presented previously by the CSPC or starting fresh.  Bill Shepherd explained that the designs presented last November were concept drawings and that we were taking a fresh look, informed by the previous effort.  Also, the CRC is not constrained to the footprint of the existing building, as was the case for the CSPC.  

Tim Sanders said the process for making a decision should be made clear and also suggested that we look at innovative ways for raising money, possibly by naming a room for a donation or some other way.  

In the questions and comments that followed, it was made abundantly clear that the major concern of the community was best expressed by the question “How are you going to make this decision?”  Several attendees suggested that a vote of the community should be required. 

Bill Shepherd explained that while the question is a valid one, he could not answer it because making the decision is specifically NOT in the CRC’s mission statement. The CRC is to “… recommend a specific path…” and then “if appropriate, oversee the renovation”; the CRC is not responsible for making the decision.  That said, he recognized the importance of clarifying this and said that he would bring it up at the BOD meeting the following Tuesday.  When additional community members wanted to continue expressing their concerns on this point, he cut off discussion and suggested that they express their concerns at the BOD meeting next Tuesday.

After the Question and Answer session, Bill Shepherd thanked everyone for attending and explained that the committee was now going to move on to team leader updates.  It was still an open meeting and everyone was welcome to attend, but that the presentation part of the meeting was now over.  Most of the community attendees left at this point.

Team Leader Updates

Continuity – Karin Petit

Needs Assessment – Karin has been gathering the remainder of the inputs and is working to pull this together.  Bill Shepherd said to just focus on the content and that he would help with the formatting once she was ready. 

Architect Debrief – Now that Terry Bernard is back in town, Karin has asked him to coordinate with Toni about setting up the meeting with the architect to close out the previous effort. Planned attendees are Toni Michel, Terry Bernard, Joe Obermeyer, Bill Shepherd and DSDG.  This meeting will most likely be conducted at DSDG Architects in downtown Sarasota.  Bill Shepherd asked that we have a short pre-meeting with the planned attendees to prepare for the meeting with DSDG.

Functional Requirements – Karen Vavra

Karen said she has eleven members in her group and they have met several times already.  Team members have specific tasks assigned and they’ve already started doing initial interviews of the different clubs and committees.  They are starting by examining usage of the exercise room and library, are interviewing people using the pool and even doing door-to-door interviews in the neighborhood. 

Her group plans to look at other communities in the area to compare what we have with what they have.  These visits will include looking at such things as exercise facility utilization rates and other amenities (ping pong?, etc) that we may not even be thinking about.  Joe Obermeyer said it would be helpful if they could also check on HOA fees and what was included in them. 

Toni said Del Pemberton had previously done an analysis of exercise room usage for the house committee, included costs for some equipment and asked if either Karin or Karen had this information.  They said they weren’t sure, but would check. Bob Koch on the Requirements team is working on this.

Karen said her team needs help gathering and understanding FEMA requirements.  She also said it would be helpful to understand how to structure the requirements so they would facilitate the analysis.  Bill Shepherd said he would work on building a “sample problem” that both Engineering and Requirements could use to guide their efforts.

Karen suggested placing suggestion cards in the lobby. Toni said there had previously been a suggestion box but that it was almost never used.  There does seem to be great interest in this project, so we decided to give it a try.  We agreed that rather than a suggestion box, people could just give them to Toni or put them in the mail slot and Toni could hold them for us.

Community Fun Day is upcoming and Karen Vavra has already coordinated with Gretchen Zablackas to have a tent there.  She wants to try some brainstorming exercises with people and we would have the business cards to pass out as well.  Bill Shepherd said he intended to be there and would like to also have some CERT information and flyers to hand out. 

Design Options – John Brownell

John Zablackas filled in for John Brownell, who was not able to make the meeting.  Their team had met and discussed how they might put together design packages to help with the cost analysis.  He also said there were a lot of good ideas being floated by various team members.

Engineering – Webb Owen

Ralph Thompson filled in for Webb Owen, who was unable to attend.  He said the engineering team had met and Webb had compiled a 6 page list of things they needed to do. 

Ralph suggested that we should get an updated elevation certificate to help determine to what extent FEMA rules would apply.  Karen Vavra said that the BOD had set aside a small budget for the committee that would easily be able to cover the cost.  Ralph Thompson said he was already working on one for a house he was working on in the community and could see how much and when this could be done.   

Communications – Rich Genders

We held a long discussion about how to handle email and decided the best thing was to have everything come to one email address and then let people on the team read it.  Depending on the volume of traffic we see, we may want to establish a system of folders to file the emails, but we decided to see how much volume we get before bothering to implement them.

Karen Vavra had suggested that we create business cards and Rich Genders had already designed one.  The team reviewed it and decided to put some additional information on the back.  After the meeting, Bill Shepherd, Karen Vavra and Rich Genders exchanged some ideas and settled on a design.  Front and back are shown below. 


For BOD Meeting

We discussed what Bill Shepherd should brief at the BOD Meeting.

·        Community concerns about the cost and decision process.

·        Bill and Rich will brief BOD on request for Rich to be added as administrator to com.web community site so he can build the team CRC website and also assist Toni with the Southbay website.


Prepared by

Bill Shepherd


The BOD is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Shepherd as Chair of the Clubhouse Renovation Committee.

 A nominating committee consisting of Sandra Appleget, Dot Prose, and Joe Obermeyer was appointed by the full BOD to evaluate the five candidates who had volunteered to chair the Clubhouse Renovation Committee and to make a recommendation to the BOD. The committee reviewed the CRC initial mission and chair characteristics described in the January 18, 2018 “Call for Volunteers” and developed a list of criteria to be considered. These criteria included knowledge of project management tools, previous project management experience, familiarity with and strong engagement in Southbay, and talent and availability to run the project from beginning to end. Based on this, the group developed a series of questions to be covered during the interviews. The group conducted interviews with each of the candidates and ensured that answers to all of the questions were elicited from each candidate. In addition to the interviews, the group considered the written responses that the candidates had submitted.

The committee was very impressed by the credentials and experience of each of the candidates and will encourage each of them to be involved in CRC activities. After careful consideration, the committee felt that Bill possesses the skill, dedication, knowledge, and discipline that will be crucial in chairing the CRC and recommended to the BOD that he be appointed chair of CRC.

Bill brings the requisite project management skills and experience that the CRC demands. Bill has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware and a M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. He is a graduate of the Defense Systems Management College Program Manager’s Course and Executive Program Manager’s Course and completed a Program for Executive Development at Penn State. In his career as a Naval Officer, he was a certified Program Manager Level III (the highest level) and was deputy program manager for two major DoD programs.  As a civilian he was certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) for almost 2 decades prior to retiring and taught PMP exam preparation courses for his consulting company. Bill has lived in Southbay since 2012, has led the CERT Team in Southbay for 4 years, and has demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills.

The nominating committee presented their findings and recommendation at a Special Board Meeting on February 20th. The other board members had also familiarized themselves with each candidate’s credentials and background. The BOD approved the recommendation and appointed Bill Shepherd to be the Chair of the CRC. Bill will work with the BOD over the next few weeks to select the Team Leaders that will make up the CRC.


From the Southbay Board of Directors - Call for Volunteers for the Clubhouse Renovation Committee

At the monthly Board of Directors Meeting on Jan 2, the Board voted to establish the Clubhouse Renovation Committee (CRC), which will lead the development and evaluation of options for improving our clubhouse facility.  As described in the motion made at the meeting, the chair and the members of the CRC will be selected by the Board. At the Special Board of Directors meeting on Jan 9, the Board agreed on a structure for the committee. 

We are now looking for individuals who are interested in participating in this effort, either on the committee itself, or on any of the associated teams.  The overall mission and the structure of the CRC and associated teams are described below.

Clubhouse Renovation Committee Mission

The initial mission is to:

 ·   verify and prioritize the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of the Southbay community for

      our clubhouse,

 ·   develop a set of design options that satisfy those needs and preferences,

 ·   narrow those options based on preliminary cost and impact analysis through feedback from the

      community and the Board of Directors, and

 ·   recommend a specific path forward, including detailed designs, costs, community impact, and

      timelines for implementing improvements to our facility (or facilities).

If appropriate, the committee will oversee renovation of the clubhouse and/or associated facilities.

Operation of the Committee

In contrast to our typical standing committees, the CRC has a “project-like” structure.

The CRC has a Chair, responsible for overall coordination, and five committee members.  Each committee member (referred to as a “Team Lead”) is responsible for a specific set of project deliverables.  These committee members, or Team Leads, will each assemble and lead a team of members of the community in order to perform the team’s assigned tasks.

The CRC will operate using standard program management techniques and tools. Working with the Team Leads, the committee Chair will develop a set of deliverables for each team. The committee will establish a project schedule that will be continually updated as the project proceeds.

The CRC will have regularly scheduled monthly meetings open to the community, posted in the clubhouse at least 48 hours in advance, and listed on the website calendar. At these meetings each Team Lead will report on that team’s progress.  To allow teams to work as efficiently as possible, the individual teams will not be required to have all meetings and work sessions open to the community and scheduled in advance.

Team Descriptions

Continuity Team

The Continuity Team will be made up of former CSPC members.  A primary task for this team will be to document what the CSPC has learned with respect to community needs and preferences based on their initial survey combined with feedback from the community since the survey was done.  They will be a source of information for the Functional Requirements Team. The team will meet with DSDG Architects to ensure that we have all required deliverables and to tie up loose ends.

Functional Requirements Team

The Functional Requirements Team will be responsible for creating a set of prioritized functional requirements, as well as aesthetic preferences, based on community needs and desires.  The team will start with data documented by the Continuity Team and verify and refine the data using focus groups and additional surveys as needed.  This team will work with the Design Options Team in evaluation of proposed options.

Design Options Team

The Design Options Team will be responsible for creating design options that fulfill the requirements developed by the Functional Requirements Team. They will work closely with the Engineering Team to determine viability of proposed designs. They will ensure that the exterior look meets the criteria of our covenants that it “blends with and is consistent with the general appearance and character of the overall community”.

Engineering Team

The Engineering Team will determine feasibility and estimate costs and timelines for design options under consideration based on an understanding of our current buildings, FEMA requirements, local building codes, permitting requirements, etc.


Communications & Community Outreach Team

The Communications Team will be responsible for keeping the community informed of activities and status of the project.  They will support the Functional Requirements Team in gathering input from the community.  They will support the Design Options Team in gathering feedback from the community on proposed options.

List of Roles and Desired Skill Sets

Clubhouse Renovation Committee Chair

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Program management experience

Continuity Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Proficient at documentation

 ·   Former member of CSPC

Functional Requirements Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Experience in creating surveys and conducting focus groups

 ·   Experience in requirements development and documentation

Design Options Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Architectural/building design experience

Engineering Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Construction and cost estimation experience

Communications Team Lead

 ·   Leadership and communications skills

 ·   Experience in conducting focus groups

 ·   Member of Communications Committee

If you are interested in working on this project:

Please respond to this e-mail no later than February 5 and indicate in your response:

 1)  the role(s) you are interested in – Chair, Team Lead for which Team, or Member of which Team, and

 2)  previous experience or skill sets that you feel would enhance your effectiveness in that role.

Responses may also be submitted directly to Toni.

The BOD will review responses and make selections for the Chair and Team Lead positions. Responses from those interested in working on the various teams will be passed on to the Team Leads as the Team Leads are assigned.


The initial architectural plan has spurred much discussion and generated many questions about the design, function, cost, and funding for a clubhouse renovation. Recognizing the need to step back and evaluate a wide variety of options and approaches, at the January 2nd Board Meeting, the BOD approved the formation of a new Clubhouse Renovation Committee (CRC).  This committee will be responsible for a potential Clubhouse Renovation Project.  The project will include confirmation of the needs and desires of the community, development of multiple options, determination the feasibility and cost of the options, and, if appropriate, overseeing an extensive renovation of the clubhouse and/or associated facilities.  The chair and members of the committee will be selected and approved by the Board of Directors based on specific skills needed for the project.