Q: What is the status of the Clubhouse Renovation project now?

A: The initial architectural plan has spurred much discussion and generated many questions about the design, function, cost, and funding for a clubhouse renovation. Recognizing the need to step back and evaluate a wide variety of options and approaches, at the January 2nd Board Meeting, the BOD approved the formation of a new Clubhouse Renovation Committee (CRC).  This committee will be responsible for a potential Clubhouse Renovation Project.  The project will include confirmation of the needs and desires of the community, development of multiple options, determination the feasibility and cost of the options, and, if appropriate, overseeing an extensive renovation of the clubhouse and/or associated facilities.  The chair and members of the committee will be selected and approved by the Board of Directors based on specific skills needed for the project.

In late January the BOD sent out the following "Call for Volunteers" in an e-blast:

From the Southbay Board of Directors - Call for Volunteers for the Clubhouse Renovation Committee

At the monthly Board of Directors Meeting on Jan 2, the Board voted to establish the Clubhouse Renovation Committee (CRC), which will lead the development and evaluation of options for improving our clubhouse facility.  As described in the motion made at the meeting, the chair and the members of the CRC will be selected by the Board. At the Special Board of Directors meeting on Jan 9, the Board agreed on a structure for the committee. 

We are now looking for individuals who are interested in participating in this effort, either on the committee itself, or on any of the associated teams.  The overall mission and the structure of the CRC and associated teams are described below.

Clubhouse Renovation Committee Mission

The initial mission is to:

 ·   verify and prioritize the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of the Southbay community for

      our clubhouse,

 ·   develop a set of design options that satisfy those needs and preferences,

 ·   narrow those options based on preliminary cost and impact analysis through feedback from the

      community and the Board of Directors, and

 ·   recommend a specific path forward, including detailed designs, costs, community impact, and

      timelines for implementing improvements to our facility (or facilities).

If appropriate, the committee will oversee renovation of the clubhouse and/or associated facilities.

Operation of the Committee

In contrast to our typical standing committees, the CRC has a “project-like” structure.

The CRC has a Chair, responsible for overall coordination, and five committee members.  Each committee member (referred to as a “Team Lead”) is responsible for a specific set of project deliverables.  These committee members, or Team Leads, will each assemble and lead a team of members of the community in order to perform the team’s assigned tasks.

The CRC will operate using standard program management techniques and tools. Working with the Team Leads, the committee Chair will develop a set of deliverables for each team. The committee will establish a project schedule that will be continually updated as the project proceeds.

The CRC will have regularly scheduled monthly meetings open to the community, posted in the clubhouse at least 48 hours in advance, and listed on the website calendar. At these meetings each Team Lead will report on that team’s progress.  To allow teams to work as efficiently as possible, the individual teams will not be required to have all meetings and work sessions open to the community and scheduled in advance.

Team Descriptions

Continuity Team

The Continuity Team will be made up of former CSPC members.  A primary task for this team will be to document what the CSPC has learned with respect to community needs and preferences based on their initial survey combined with feedback from the community since the survey was done.  They will be a source of information for the Functional Requirements Team. The team will meet with DSDG Architects to ensure that we have all required deliverables and to tie up loose ends.

Functional Requirements Team

The Functional Requirements Team will be responsible for creating a set of prioritized functional requirements, as well as aesthetic preferences, based on community needs and desires.  The team will start with data documented by the Continuity Team and verify and refine the data using focus groups and additional surveys as needed.  This team will work with the Design Options Team in evaluation of proposed options.

Design Options Team

The Design Options Team will be responsible for creating design options that fulfill the requirements developed by the Functional Requirements Team. They will work closely with the Engineering Team to determine viability of proposed designs. They will ensure that the exterior look meets the criteria of our covenants that it “blends with and is consistent with the general appearance and character of the overall community”.

Engineering Team

The Engineering Team will determine feasibility and estimate costs and timelines for design options under consideration based on an understanding of our current buildings, FEMA requirements, local building codes, permitting requirements, etc.


Communications & Community Outreach Team

The Communications Team will be responsible for keeping the community informed of activities and status of the project.  They will support the Functional Requirements Team in gathering input from the community.  They will support the Design Options Team in gathering feedback from the community on proposed options.

List of Roles and Desired Skill Sets

Clubhouse Renovation Committee Chair

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Program management experience

Continuity Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Proficient at documentation

 ·   Former member of CSPC

Functional Requirements Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Experience in creating surveys and conducting focus groups

 ·   Experience in requirements development and documentation

Design Options Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Architectural/building design experience

Engineering Team Lead

 ·   Team building, listening, and leadership skills

 ·   Construction and cost estimation experience

Communications Team Lead

 ·   Leadership and communications skills

 ·   Experience in conducting focus groups

 ·   Member of Communications Committee

If you are interested in working on this project:

Please respond to this e-mail no later than February 5 and indicate in your response:

 1)  the role(s) you are interested in – Chair, Team Lead for which Team, or Member of which Team, and

 2)  previous experience or skill sets that you feel would enhance your effectiveness in that role.

Responses may also be submitted directly to Toni.

The BOD will review responses and make selections for the Chair and Team Lead positions. Responses from those interested in working on the various teams will be passed on to the Team Leads as the Team Leads are assigned.

Q: Whatever happened to the plan for a vote to raise the cap on the Capital Reserves portion of our dues?

A: Recognizing that there were many outstanding questions and concerns about the renovation plans, at the January Board meeting the Board voted to rescind its decision to conduct the vote.