CCI Clubhouse Construction Implementation

The 2020 BOD's information on the implementation of the clubhouse renovation to keep the community updated.

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2040208725127 Timeline March 20 Timeline March 20225111 KBTimeline March 20.pdf3/20/2020
3040300025127 Southbay Yacht & Racquet Club GYM 3D Southbay Yacht & Racquet Club GYM 3D2121 MBSouthbay Yacht & Racquet Club GYM 3D.pdf3/25/2020
4040300125127 Southbay Yacht & Racquet Club GYM Southbay Yacht & Racquet Club GYM154849 KBSouthbay Yacht & Racquet Club GYM.pdf3/25/2020
5040322125127 CCI Crows Nest Article for April CCI Crows Nest Article for April 105175 KBCCI Crows Nest Article for April .pdf3/25/2020
6040322225127 CCI FAQ's March 25 2020 CCI FAQ's March 25 2020106150 KBCCI FAQ's March 25 2020.pdf3/25/2020
6040322425127 CCI March Article for Crow's Nest CCI March Article for Crow's Nest8295 KBcci_march_article_for_crow's_nest.pdf3/25/2020
7040416725127 Clubhouse 2nd Floor Final Clubhouse 2nd Floor Final1642 MBClubhouse 2nd Floor Final.pdf3/27/2020
8040416825127 Clubhouse 1st Floor Final Clubhouse 1st Floor Final2334 MBClubhouse 1st Floor Final.pdf3/27/2020
9040450925127 Weekly Report Mar 27 Weekly Report Mar 272891 KBWeekly Report Mar 27.pdf3/28/2020
10040451025127 Weekly Report Mar 19 Weekly Report Mar 192385 KBWeekly Report Mar 19.pdf3/28/2020
11040458225127 Timeline March 28 V2 Timeline March 28 V23896 KBtimeline_march_28_v2.pdf3/29/2020
12041410125127 Weekly Report May 6th Weekly Report May 6th8590 KBweekly_report_may_6th.pdf5/6/2020
13041705625127 Weekly Report May 16th Weekly Report May 16th6697 KBWeekly Report May 16th.pdf5/16/2020
14041705725127 CCI FAQ's May 16 2020 CCI FAQ's May 16 20208993 KBCCI FAQ's May 16 2020.pdf5/16/2020
15042446125127 Weekly Report June 11th Weekly Report June 11th155152 KBWeekly Report June 11th.pdf6/11/2020