Sarasota County Information 


ALERT Notification System      


Sarasota County uses the "ALERT Sarasota County" system to broadcast emergency notifications – more than just weather conditions. You can arrange to receive text messages and/or email alerts in addition to accessing their website. And you can also use a free Everbridge app in conjunction with this service. All Southbay residents should sign up for this service. For more information and to register for Alert Sarasota County, click on this LINK. This site also provides important answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Sarasota County Emergency Management

The Sarasota County Emergency Management website is the definitive source of information for Sarasota County.  As a result of lessons learned from Hurricane Irma, Sarasota County updated its Emergency Management plan, made changes to Evacuation Centers and Medical Needs program, and created a new Transportation Plan.

Evacuation Centers

In the event of a hurricane watch, Sarasota County plans for all evacuation centers to open at the same time, be accessible and pet-friendly.

Everyone needs to understand that county evacuation centers are not hotels and won’t provide any conveniences or luxuries. You will have no privacy, limited space (approximately 20 square feet per person in a public classroom or hallway), and meal service may be delayed. Evacuation centers also don’t provide bedding, cots or blankets, so they should always be considered a last resort. Click HERE for information about County Evacuation Centers, including what you should bring.

The Evacuation Centers and Transportation Rally points (e.g. Potter Park and Pine View School) closest to Southbay are shown on the map below. 



Sarasota County Transportation Plan


The Sarasota County has a transportation fact sheet entitled "Transportation Plan (Hurricane Evacuation Centers)" that has locations and maps showing designated Transportation Rally Points.

There are FOUR WAYS to get to an evacuation center:

  1. Take personal transportation.
  2. Use Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) service.
  3. Drive to a transportation rally point.
  4. As a last-resort for those who cannot drive or be transported by family, friends or neighbors, Sarasota County will provide free bus transportation to designated rally points.


Medical Needs Program


Sarasota County residents with qualifying medical needs can apply for registration as a medically-dependent person (MDP). If qualified, you will be on the county’s registry for transportation and sheltering at a Medically Dependent Evacuation Center during a disaster. Details about the program including how to apply are available at this link.

All MDPs must bring a caregiver to the designated medically-dependent evacuation center. The caregiver must be able to:

  • Assist you with all activities of daily living, including dressing and toileting.
  • Lift you to/from toilet and cot and wheelchair as needed.
  • Assist you with walking (with or without walker), assist with wheelchair.
  • Transport food from cafeteria to you as needed.
  • Assist with medication and any treatments as needed.
  • Monitor your oxygen usage.
  • Provide evacuation center management with a discharge plan in the event that you cannot return to your home.
Southbay residents who are medically dependent and do not have other care arrangements with their health care provider or family members should register for this program.